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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Policies 

We do our best to make sure your flowers are delivered to the recipient on time. Please provide as much information as you can. A home or office number plus a cell phone number and a correct address with apartment numbers or suite numbers.

Business Addresses

All business orders are delivered between 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday. New York City has very strict policies at every building. Some flowers are sent to a messenger center and some the recipient is required to come down to meet the driver. Orders that are signed by a messenger center are considered delivered and we are no longer responsible for the flowers. We will do our best to contact the recipient to let them know the flowers are waiting for them. If you do not provide a cell phone number and the recipient does not answer the office line, the flowers may come back to us. Please don’t put your cell phone number as the recipients, as it is difficult to get in touch with them for deliveries.

Apartments and Private Homes

Most residential orders are delivered in the afternoon and will be completed by 7PM. If you need an earlier time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. If there is a truck going close to the same area we will send them earlier. If it is a private residence with no doorman, please call the recipient to make sure they will be home that day to receive the flowers. If they are not home, the flowers will be brought back to us and will be marked as delivered.


Hospital deliveries must be called ahead and confirm a room number for the patient. Also, they need to confirm that the patient can accept flowers. Please be advised that there will be NO REFUNDS if we were given a wrong address, the recipient is not home or in the office that day or they do not answer the phone. The delivery company will wait for 15 minutes but cannot wait longer if they have another delivery to get to. We will contact you to see if you want the flowers re-delivered or if you would like the recipient to pick them up. Flowers must be redelivered within 48 hours.

We use a third party delivery company so there will be additional fees if:

  • The flowers need to be re-delivered because they are not in that day or away on vacation.
  • The address is incorrect and they have to be delivered to a different address.
  • The recipient is not answering the phone and the receptionist or messenger center won’t sign for the flowers.
  • There is more than one order going to the same address.

How Much Is Delivery 

Delivery fees are calculated based on distance and  will be displayed when  you enter a recipient's address.

Deliveries will take place between 9am and 7pm. Please give us a call if a window of time is preferred. We are able to accommodate 3 hour delivery windows.

How Will My Florals / Plants Be Delivered 

Hand-ties will be delivered in our custom gift wrap. We highly recommend the flowers are place in a vase within 1 hour of delivery. Our arrangements will be delivered in a vase with water. All deliveries will be delivered via vehical through a 3rd party courior service.

Is There A Minimum For Delivery 

Yes, our minimum amount for delivery for a floral arrangement is $125 (not including tax and delivery fee). The starting price for our plants is $85.

Do We Offer Same Day Delivery 

Yes we offer Same Day delivery if an order is .placed before 11AM. We kindly ask you to contact us. 

What Payment Methods Are Accepted 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express card payments. We also accept GooglePay and ApplePay.

How Long Will My Flowers Last? 

While this usually depends on the variety you choose, most of our bouquets will stay fresh for around five days. Please review our care instructions to ensure your flowers last as long as possible

Flower Care 

Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline. Leaves in the water will promote bacterial growth, causing the flowers to wilt quickly. We highly recommend changing the water daily. Also, add any flower food you may be using, and make sure to check this every day. Cut the very end of the stem off while holding it underwater. This allows the stems to draw in water instead of air. Then place the flowers in the vase solution you've prepared. Use a sharp knife, or shears for tougher stems and branches. Keep your flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees F). As pretty as they may look, don't keep them in direct sunlight. Also avoid placing your flowers where heating or cooling vents can blow air on them - any areas directly under ceiling fans, or on top of appliances that may give off heat (older televisions, radiators, etc.), as this will cause your flowers to dehydrate much faster.

Custom Arrangements? 

Please call us at 646.744.5340 to inquire about any custom orders. We will do our best to create your vision but please keep in mind flowers are seasonal and may not always be available. We also ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Events and Weddings? 

We offer full design and production for events of every size and occassion. We are based in NYC but can travel domestically and internationally as well.


All orders for pick up or delivery must be canceled prior to 24 hours of delivery date and cancellations within 24 hours will result 50% refund of total sale.

Return Policy? 

If you are not satisfied with your arrangement kindly contact within 24 hours of delivery and we will work with you to fix it. After the 24 hour period – returns are not expected.

If your plant dies within the first 3-4 days we will replace it for Free. After the 4 day period, we do not offer any replacements.

The original delivery fee is non-refundable

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